Pedro Cruz Pacheco’s Oaxaca Art featured at Viva Mexicana

Sima Mohamadian at Viva Mexicana, with Pedro’s artwork in current show.

SoCo News published a wonderful article about Pedro’s friend Sima Mohamadian, the owner of Viva Mexicana in Sebastopol, CA. Pedro is currently the restaurant’s artist-in-residence, and this particular show there has been featured since September 2021, with an ever-evolving exhibit of his latest watercolor and oil paintings brought directly from Oaxaca for this show. This is his 8th art show at Viva Mex (his first was in 2014). Pedro has deep gratitude for her recognition of the spirituality in his work, the chance to show it to a wider public and the resulting sales that help support him, and for the opportunity to share the Sacred Feminine in an art exhibit. Bless you, Sima!

Currently, she is featuring Pedro Cruz Pacheco. Pacheco works in watercolor, oil and mixed media and hails from Santa Cruz Amilpas in the Valley of Oaxaca. According to Viva Mexicana’s website, Oaxacan art draws its strength from its native Indigenous culture, rich with stories, legends, myths, and folklore – and it features the interplay of animals, people, symbols, and motifs.


“I wanted to feature the culture and the feeling and the love from there. When I saw his work, it just really touched me because I’m a female business owner and he features women … our main chef is a female too. So we’re very female-oriented. And it just was perfect. I think the energy in here is really great with his work,” she said. 

Pedro Cruz Pacheco’s artwork on the walls – Artist-in-Residence since Sept 2021.

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