Oaxaca art workshop March 2023 – we have space for you

Thoroughly Oaxaca Art Experience 2: mixed media, natural pigments, symbols & talismans

watercolor + mixed media + culture workshop
with Oaxacan artist Pedro Cruz Pacheco + Corrie McCluskey
Friday, March 17 – Sunday, March 26, 2023
Oaxaca City, Oaxaca, Mexico

Are you craving a creative adventure where you can explore a beautiful culture and your artmaking or visual journaling, slow down and recharge, and fill your creative well? Join us in Oaxaca next March.

Experience the sights, sounds, moles and mezcals of vibrant Oaxaca with two artists and a small group of likeminded travelers for a 7-day art + culture workshop. Immerse yourself in the soulful art scene, indigenous culture, rich culinary and artisanal traditions of this magical 16th-century colonial city, a UNESCO world heritage site.

Our adventures include field trips to a Sunday market (one of the oldest/largest continuous markets in Mesoamerica), and studio visits in a weaving village and alebrije village. We’ll spend an afternoon exploring famed artist Francisco Toledo’s arts center and a papermaking studio. We’ll add locally sourced natural pigments (cochineal, indigo, marigold) to our toolkits, and make uniquely Oaxacan memories on paper in a handmade artist book that we create.

This workshop is for anyone – and we’ve hosted doctors, physician assistants, nurses, psychologists & therapists, social workers, California fire survivors, a psychology professor, a marine geologist, an interior designer, teachers, and artists. You can be part of our tribe of curious, lifelong learners.

Develop your unique voice and visual language by playing with watercolor, mixed media, collage, and journaling. We’ll share our personal repertoire of symbols and talismans that we incorporate into our art – and offer you the opportunity to discover and paint your own in this intimate setting. Personal symbols can help you express deeply held cultural connections and communication with the natural world. This is a chance to consider the “secret soul” of things that matter to you and bring them into your painting and journaling.

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March 2023 Oaxaca art workshop

2023 Oaxaca art workshop

Oaxaca art workshop in the heart of the city: art + culture immersion

Pedro has been experimenting with the natural pigments we’ll be using in the class: cochineal, cempasuchil (marigold), indigo (azul maya), palo de campeche (logwood). He’s been mixing them with various substances (bicarbonate, lime, iron) to shift the colors. You will have a chance to do this too!


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March 2023 Oaxaca art workshop